Workout Plans         

As part of the Time to Change Weight Loss Program, we have to learn to create our own full-body workouts, particularly with the idea of taking an hour to complete them. Please note that I am not a licensed or trained physiologist. These are ideas I've created for the program for personal use; I'm not advocating that they're any better than another program. Consult your physician and steer clear of any exercises that cause pain.

Routine 1
Dynamic stretches
Warm up - 2 laps around the track; run the straights, walk the curves
    Three sets
  • Lunge with shoulder press (10 repetitions each leg/arm)
  • Body weight squat (15 repetitions)
  • Stiff legged dead lift (10 repetitions)
    Three sets
  • Front and lateral raise (10 repetitions each way)
  • Free weight row (10 repetitions each arm)
    Three sets
  • Push ups (10-15 repetitions)
  • Low plank (20 seconds)
  • Russian Twist (20 seconds)
    Two sets
  • Roundhouse kicks (10 each leg)
  • Skip (30 seconds)