Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fantastic Trainers

From "amused - aroused to mirth"

Because I wrote such a negative post, I felt it's only fair to make a positive one. Overall, I adore this program. The best part of the program is my trainer, Annie.

Annie is phenomenal. She is incredibly helpful and so encouraging. Some people think of fitness trainers as being overwhelmingly aggressive and off-putting yet knowledgeable. With Annie, I get all the knowledge and none of the nasty. It's great!

Before this program, I didn't really work out. Sure, I'd do yoga once in a while or dance the night away, but I didn't lift weights or hit the gym. Therefore, I didn't know how my body would react all the time. Annie made it clear that we needed to tell her if we were ever uncomfortable or feeling pain beyond the normal strain of working out. I never felt embarrassed or awkward expressing discomfort because she was accommodating. As it turns out, I have some sort of wrist problem. Annie kept that in mind and started adjusting my workouts immediately to make sure I didn't cause serious injure.

Also, she encourages when she's off the clock! This is our second "accountability week," a time when we're supposed to let her know whenever we work out. I sent her a text earlier this evening to let her know that I'd gotten my cardio with an extended bike ride home. She responded almost immediately with "Good girl. Super proud." That means a lot to me. I like knowing that I'm not in this alone and that she will support me for doing the best that I can.

UKY Fitness Trainers: you're doing it right!

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