Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old Navy, you disappoint

From "regular - usual; normal; customary"

I went shopping yesterday for a few items at Old Navy because they were having a sale on shirts and shorts. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly; it was an overall pleasant experience. The cashier told me that I could go to a website to take a survey about my shopping that day, and I could get 10% off my next trip.

The survey began with the common sorts of questions: how clean was the store, were the employees helpful, did the lines to checkout move quickly, etc. However, I was suddenly presented with a question so absurd that I had to get a screenshot.

screen capture of regular sizes question
"Of the 'other items (excluding jeans, underwear, socks)' you shopped for, were you able to find all the sizes you were looking for on the sales floor? Please consider only the sizes you were looking for that were 'regular' sizes, not Plus, Maternity, Petite, or Tall."

Are you kidding me, Old Navy? "Please consider only the sizes you were looking for that were 'regular' sizes, not Plus, Maternity, Petite, or Tall." At first, I thought I was reading too much into it, so I sent it to a friend. She confirmed that it was incredibly offensive. What I read from that message is that Old Navy doesn't want to have short or tall fatties (overweight or pregnant) walking around stores. Sure, they'll take your money online, but they'll be damned if your "irregularity" is seen wandering around in store! We'll gross out all the regular people.

If the store hadn't already closed by the time I was taking the survey last night, I would have gone straight back to the store to return my new clothes. I'm glad I didn't. Returning the clothes might send the message that they don't need to put "irregularly" sized items in stores, which is the opposite of what needs to happen. Although I wear large shirts, I need a 14 or 16 in pants/skirts/shorts, which are supposed to be "regular." It was nearly impossible to find anything above a 10, to be honest. I was lucky to find what I did.

I haven't made up my mind. I want to show Old Navy that plus sizes are in demand in stores--particularly because they often have in store only sales which exclude all but the "regular" customers--but I also have strong feelings against supporting a corporation that is actively and apologetically discriminating against certain types of customers. At any rate, I thought you all might want to know about this.


  1. Old Navy has been frustrating me for ages. I've never had a problem finding clothes in the "regular sizes," insomuch as they do tend to stock up to a size 18/20. But I've always been somewhat frustrated that my larger plus-sized friends couldn't shop in store AT ALL, though they do make those sizes.

    However, as one of their freakish Tall customers, I have grown increasingly pissed at ON. Why don't I have a right to try on t-shirts and dresses and pants in your store? When you are a non-normative size, the way that companies haphazardly add/subtract inches of fabric begs for trying on -- what if they "added" those two inches to the shoulders and they're baggy on you? What if that "tall size" dress still makes you look like a street walker? Ok, you offer my "non-regular" size -- but I don't have a right to try it on in your store? I have to take my chances w/ online ordering, delivery and returns? FU Old Navy. You carry my tall sizes but then you SUCK ABOUT IT.

  2. @CurvyNerd I know they're supposed to stock up to a 20, but there were hardly any sizes over 10, which is just ridiculous. I wish I knew what the appropriate course of action would be to let them know that what they're doing is wrong. Do I stop going? Do I go more? Ugh.